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Example output as follows:

Here's an example output (TEXT FORMAT) checking against one sub-site and looking at full control owners only:

GELISTALLSITES by Geoff Evelyn, Version 2.0, April 2013,,

Restrict to users and groups having FULL CONTROL rights

Only URL http://win-66i6br3l5ph:9970/getest will be checked

Capture Started at:08/04/2013 at 10:16 (UTC)

Site Collection Name: getest

Site Collection URL: http://win-66i6br3l5ph:9970

Site Collection Storage Usage: 4340kb (4mb or 0gb)

Site Collection Storage Quota: NO QUOTA LIMIT SET

Site Collection Content Database: SEARCHCONTENT1DB

Site Collection Creator: i:0#.w|corp\asiteadmin

Site Collection Bandwidth: 0

Site Collection Hits: 0

Site Collection Visits: 0

Site Collection Content Last Updated: 07/04/2013 at 17/55 (UTC)

Site Collection Security Last Modified: 07/04/2013 at 17/53 (UTC)

Number of Sub-sites in Site Collection: 1

Sub-Site 1 of 1, Name:getest

Sub-Site URL: http://win-66i6br3l5ph:9970/getest

Sub-Site Creator: SHAREPOINT\system

Sub-Site Created: 07/04/2013

Sub-Site Unique Permissions Set: YES

Sub-Site ID: 5c823b5b-07ac-4fa0-b6fe-ef46d6e8c2c0

Sub-Site Language: 1033

Sub-Site Search Enabled: NO

Sub-Site Quick Launch Enabled: YES

Sub-Site Tree View Enabled: NO

Sub-Site Current User Is Site Administrator: YES

Sub-Site Current User Is Web Administrator: YES

Sub-Site Assigned Template: STS

Sub-Site Content Last Updated: 07/04/2013 at 17/53 (UTC)

FULL CONTROL Group:GETEST Owners, Members:

Username: Rob Cason, User Alias: i:0#.w|corp\rob.cason Email:

Username: Rob Walters, User Alias: i:0#.w|corp\rob.walters Email:

Username: System Account, User Alias: SHAREPOINT\system Email:

GELISTALLSITES Capture Completed at:08/04/2013 at 10:16


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